Water extraction, We have the equipment to clean up any house, building construction with flood damage. Contact Us!


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Water damage is bad enough, but sewage based water damage is a whole new level entirely. Sewage based flooding is always comprised of contaminated materials such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and anyone exposed to these elements may suffer from serious health problems. All surfaces and objects that have been touched by sewage should be considered to be contaminated, and as such can be thrown out and replace. While there are some items that may be cleaned and restored, replacement is almost always the less expensive and safer way to go. Sewage damage should be cleaned up as soon as possible following the initial spill. 24/7 Water Restoration is a full service water damage restoration company, available 24/7, and able to handle even the largest and most severe sewage and flooding leaks. Whether it is a malfunctioning toilet or a backed up sewer system, 24/7 Water Restoration has the experience and expertise necessary to clean up the mess and return your home and your life to normal.

In addition, water not only causes initial damage, but continues to cause problems for as long as it is allowed to remain standing. Water eats away at the foundational supports of a home, rotting the wood, rusting the metal, and wreaking havoc with electrical and HVAC systems. What’s even worse, after a couple of days, mold will begin to set it, which brings with it any and all manner of health related problems ranging from mild allergic reactions and skin irritation to major respiratory and neurological disorders.

Water can be the most invasive and destructive force that can be visited upon your home or business, even more so than fire. Those who have been unfortunate enough to have experienced both will testify that they would rather deal with damage by fire any day rather than have to go through the trouble associated with water damage ever again. The reason is simple enough; fire is easily extinguished and in many cases confines its damage to the area where the flames actually were. Water on the other hand, may start out as a small, unnoticed leak somewhere in the basement or attic which, by the time it is discovered, may have caused significant damage amounting to thousands of dollars.

Fire damage and water damage are also often intertwined, since water and foam are commonly used to extinguish fires. The mixture of water, foam, and soot can be a messy one. The cleanup and restoration process is a dangerous one, and should only be left to those who are certified and experienced in such cases, the technicians at 24/7 Water Restoration. We provide professional fire cleaning and restoration services, designed to repair the damage and return your home to its original condition. Emergency 24/7 service is available, which means that the cleanup process gets started as soon as possible following any sort of fire damage.

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Eagle emphasizes a high level of craft and restoration knowledge in all aspects of its work, and routinely works to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Eagle has a core group of experienced restoration craftspeople, who are “hands-on” on its projects, in addition to doing the estimating and supervisory work.


Meeting the needs of our customers with useful spaces, exceeding their expectations and providing integrated into the design, development and construction of their projects, using technology, contemporary materials and innovative construction systems, so that the user get the most out services their investment.


Being recognized as a market leader in the construction business, by having a united group of people, committed to innovation and quality, to generate good, secure environments work, and provide opportunities for the development of our employees and their families.




We are a family company with over 15 year’s experience. Our philosophy is to do more with less.


Roof shingles are almost always highly visible and so are an important aspect of a building's aesthetics in patterns, textures and colors.

Water Damage

Water extraction, We have the equipment to clean up any house, building construction with flood damage.

Fire Damage

Structure cleaning, We have the capability to clean fire-damaged structures.


Our team is formed by professional’s craftsman who are committed to bringing in your project on-time and on-budget.


Eagle’s impressive customer list, along with our multi-faceted Portfolio of Projects are testament to our responsiveness, creativity and skill.



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